Friday, May 28, 2010

First Friday off

Last night I had a wonderful night celebrating my first night of freedom. I went to the neighborhood ladies night and just laughed and talked and shared. It was a great few hours.

Today Jon and I are headed to a new doctor for a second opinion. We are at the we have tried everything but the IVF stage and I want a second opinion before we go to the, we are in the IVF stage. I am looking forward to what he will say, but also nervous.

Congratulations to Michelle and Scott who had a little girl yesterday, Allie Jane, we are so excited for you and cannot wait to meet her.

Have a great Indy 500 weekend. I love all the excitement that surounds the city in May. Indy sure has had some big moments this year. The Colts in the Superbowl, Butler in the Final Four, and now the 500.

Enjoy your memorial day weekend. And a special prayer for all of us with family in the military.

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