Monday, September 27, 2010


You are reading about the newest member of the North Side Indy Multiples. Yep, now that we are fairly far along and had another great doctor visit, I decided to pay my dues and join. Oh my gosh, are they welcoming. I have had three emails since Thursday. I am really looking forward to it, as they have "support" each month for expecting parents. The first meeting is tonight, however it is the fall social, so I am going to pass. Also tonight's meeting does not start till 7:00 and well you all know my bedtime in 8. But I am looking forward to meeting other moms of twins and hopefully learning a bunch along the way.

This past weekend, Jon and I were busy, we had a wedding in FTW on Saturday and got to see a bunch of family and friends and then on Sunday we started to clean out the house and move furniture around. Jon has been so OCD about this since we decided which room is going to be the nursery that we get it cleaned out. Lucky for him, and me too, since I did very little, he moved the furniture for the guest bed out and now we have an open slate. Just a few Christmas gifts in the closet, and those will be gone long before the babies.

I am also trying to step back on some of my commitments. I love to stay busy, however just don't have the energy right now to continue to do everything. So I guess God is teaching me a bunch as well about managing my time and what is really important. Lessons that I never seem to fully understand.



Tuesday, September 21, 2010


We graduated from fertility today and are taking with us two large grapes. I was so excited, but also sad. I have met with these people since 2007, and this past year our relationship just took off, with the daily visits. However our time together is now over. I am so glad our relationship ended with such a happy ending.

I went for my last ultrasound and the babies are measuring about 10 weeks 2 days, which is right on track. They are about 3 cm long and the size of a large grape. I have not written in a few days because I cannot seem to find enough time to sleep. Every night in bed by 8ish and asleep by 9ish. Currently I am not able to workout, therefore, I am getting an extra hour on the front end as well. It is not enough.

Jon and I are starting to finally realize that in March we are going to be parents. He is crazy enough to think that since I am going to be home all day, that dinner will be on the table every night and informed me of this over the weekend. Little does he know, that just because he is going to work, does not mean he is out of night time duty!

We visit my OB next Thursday for our first appointment with her. Looking forward to it.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Witnessing a Miracle

God works Miracles daily. I cannot praise Him enough today or any day. I have always tried to keep this journey focused on God, knowing that He already knows the future and He has a plan for me and it is a good plan. But wow, does He take us through some trying times. He is there, working His miracles and restoring hope when there is none.

This past weekend Jon and I and the babies had quite a scare. At this moment everything is fine, we are on our way back to "normal" however, I think I just lived the worst 48 hours of my life. Without warning on Friday I started bleeding, badly. I called the doctor and she met us at the Women's Hospital at about 9:45. The outlook was not good, however though all of this I was calm, just thinking that if God wants me to be pregnant then I will be pregnant, if not He will provide a way to comfort me and a way to help me through. The whole night I had my hands on my stomach again repeating the Lord's Prayer, over and over.

We finally got an ultrasound at 10:30 and they found one heartbeat. I was full of such mixed emotions. I was so thankful, but yet, so sad. Then about 10 minutes later they found the second. Both babies were still alive, with beating hearts just hanging out, not even realizing that everyone in the room just witnessed a miracle. Two heartbeats…..two thankful parents.

Either way Jon and I spent Friday night and most of Saturday at the hospital. We finally got to sleep around 3 and then were woke up again at 6. We did another ultrasound with a high risk OB on Saturday and he assured us that the babies were fine. However now we are transferring to a high risk OB and are going to the doctor weekly. I am so fine with that. More pictures of my kids! We also went in on Sunday and now I get to take more shots in the bum. Jon is so excited about this…..ha ha. But at this point other than the shots, I am pretty much back to where I was Friday at 8 pm.

As I was thinking about all of this on Sunday as I sat in bed, I just kept thinking about how I just witnessed a miracle. How I know that God has a special plan for our children because he kept them alive. How God wants me to be pregnant at least for today. How amazing my God is.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Big Surprise

Another week of school down. I have been working for 24 days now….can you believe it? I am counting this year especially because I need to teach 120 for the year to count. This year I will not be working all 185, but hopefully will get in 120 without a problem.

I have gotten so many emails of congratulations this past week. Thank you to everyone! It is nice to know that people are reading the updates and staying in contact. You all mean so much to Jon and I are we are so appreciative of you.

Today I got a bit of surprise. I emailed the author of the "Pregnant with Hope" blog that I have read since about April, and told her about how wonderful I think her ministry is and how much it has helped me throughout this journey. Again we are far from over, but hopefully are a bit passed the infertility stage. I was writing to her about what I have learned through this journey and how faithful God is. Well two surprises, first she emailed me back, and then she asked if she could share my story on her blog. So this weekend I am featured on her "Pregnant with Hope" blog as well. It is such an honor. God is Awesome! So many blessings are pouring in.

Also if you know someone struggling with infertility, I would love to pass along my copy of her book. Let me know, I found it so helpful and have reread so many of the passages when I was working through all of this.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Help from the moms

Alright, so now that we are outfitting our house times two, I am trying to get things at a bargain. September and March are the month for kids' consignment sales. Well September is a bit too early and March is a bit too late. But anyways, I am thinking of attending some of these to try to buy multiples at cheaper prices. Therefore…..calling all moms…

What would be good things to buy at these sales? Don't suggest clothes, not buying them yet. I was possibly thinking things like socks, crib sheets, things that I can wash in hot water, maybe a stroller, or pack n play, crib, a jumper? I am not all about buying a ton of stuff….just useful stuff. So what is useful? What are the necessities? You all know that I am such a bargain shopper, just trying to score some bargains……

I know that we may have a few showers and most likely will get some of this as gifts, but as you start to add up the cost for two of everything…..the money adds up quick.

Let me know your thoughts??

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

8 weeks

We are at 8 weeks today. Things are finally starting to settle in, the fact that we are actually pregnant, that we are having twin babies, that in 8 months our lives will never be the same… they are changing daily. God has taken us this far, and I know He will be holding my hand through the rest as well. I am praising the Lord for his faithfulness. I guess I should not question that God answers prayers because He has before, but I did not think that our answer would come this quickly.

I am feeling alright. Not great, but not sick. I have been trying to continue to work out in the morning, and the good and bad thing is that when I work out I feel better all day, however getting out of bed at 5 in the morning is not the most fun task either. I am also tried, however I am sure that will not go away anytime soon.

Everyone keeps saying how exciting this all it, and it is, however I am nervous. I was prepared for one baby, I thought I could handle that, now that we are having two, I am pretty sure we can still handle it, but I am having to readjust my plans. However God is faithful and will never give Jon and I more than we can handle without Him. So the three of us are having twins.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Big News…

So as much as I wanted to keep quiet about this news, I am going to share. Jon and I are expecting TWINS! Twins, can you believe it? Double Babies, Double Blessings. God sure does work miracles. I was so happy I cried, laughed and caught my breath, and could not sleep a lick all night because I was so excited. Every time I rolled over, I just looked at Jon, he was awake as well, and smiled. But as of tonight I am getting as much sleep as possible till April, hoping to bank it up.

Today, I think just about everyone at CHS asked what happened at the doctor so I just told whoever asked. Not some broad sweeping announcement, but if they asked I did not lie. This would have been so much easier if not everyone did know that I did IVF, but when you are open about the process you need to be open about the outcome. I also realize that these people care, so if God decides this is not his plan for us, we will be loved and supported all the same.

So there you have it. At this point, Jon has started calling me Trio, and we are still comprehending the fact that we are going to be parents. However we have a long road ahead of us, so prayers and support are always welcome. Praise the Lord!