Monday, September 27, 2010


You are reading about the newest member of the North Side Indy Multiples. Yep, now that we are fairly far along and had another great doctor visit, I decided to pay my dues and join. Oh my gosh, are they welcoming. I have had three emails since Thursday. I am really looking forward to it, as they have "support" each month for expecting parents. The first meeting is tonight, however it is the fall social, so I am going to pass. Also tonight's meeting does not start till 7:00 and well you all know my bedtime in 8. But I am looking forward to meeting other moms of twins and hopefully learning a bunch along the way.

This past weekend, Jon and I were busy, we had a wedding in FTW on Saturday and got to see a bunch of family and friends and then on Sunday we started to clean out the house and move furniture around. Jon has been so OCD about this since we decided which room is going to be the nursery that we get it cleaned out. Lucky for him, and me too, since I did very little, he moved the furniture for the guest bed out and now we have an open slate. Just a few Christmas gifts in the closet, and those will be gone long before the babies.

I am also trying to step back on some of my commitments. I love to stay busy, however just don't have the energy right now to continue to do everything. So I guess God is teaching me a bunch as well about managing my time and what is really important. Lessons that I never seem to fully understand.




  1. Glad you have found a welcoming multiples club. That is where my parents reconsidered naming my sister and I Suzanne and Maryanne. We met lots of fun twins through the club.

  2. Oops forgot. That was from Kay.