Friday, September 10, 2010

Big Surprise

Another week of school down. I have been working for 24 days now….can you believe it? I am counting this year especially because I need to teach 120 for the year to count. This year I will not be working all 185, but hopefully will get in 120 without a problem.

I have gotten so many emails of congratulations this past week. Thank you to everyone! It is nice to know that people are reading the updates and staying in contact. You all mean so much to Jon and I are we are so appreciative of you.

Today I got a bit of surprise. I emailed the author of the "Pregnant with Hope" blog that I have read since about April, and told her about how wonderful I think her ministry is and how much it has helped me throughout this journey. Again we are far from over, but hopefully are a bit passed the infertility stage. I was writing to her about what I have learned through this journey and how faithful God is. Well two surprises, first she emailed me back, and then she asked if she could share my story on her blog. So this weekend I am featured on her "Pregnant with Hope" blog as well. It is such an honor. God is Awesome! So many blessings are pouring in.

Also if you know someone struggling with infertility, I would love to pass along my copy of her book. Let me know, I found it so helpful and have reread so many of the passages when I was working through all of this.

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