Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Help from the moms

Alright, so now that we are outfitting our house times two, I am trying to get things at a bargain. September and March are the month for kids' consignment sales. Well September is a bit too early and March is a bit too late. But anyways, I am thinking of attending some of these to try to buy multiples at cheaper prices. Therefore…..calling all moms…

What would be good things to buy at these sales? Don't suggest clothes, not buying them yet. I was possibly thinking things like socks, crib sheets, things that I can wash in hot water, maybe a stroller, or pack n play, crib, a jumper? I am not all about buying a ton of stuff….just useful stuff. So what is useful? What are the necessities? You all know that I am such a bargain shopper, just trying to score some bargains……

I know that we may have a few showers and most likely will get some of this as gifts, but as you start to add up the cost for two of everything…..the money adds up quick.

Let me know your thoughts??

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