Tuesday, September 21, 2010


We graduated from fertility today and are taking with us two large grapes. I was so excited, but also sad. I have met with these people since 2007, and this past year our relationship just took off, with the daily visits. However our time together is now over. I am so glad our relationship ended with such a happy ending.

I went for my last ultrasound and the babies are measuring about 10 weeks 2 days, which is right on track. They are about 3 cm long and the size of a large grape. I have not written in a few days because I cannot seem to find enough time to sleep. Every night in bed by 8ish and asleep by 9ish. Currently I am not able to workout, therefore, I am getting an extra hour on the front end as well. It is not enough.

Jon and I are starting to finally realize that in March we are going to be parents. He is crazy enough to think that since I am going to be home all day, that dinner will be on the table every night and informed me of this over the weekend. Little does he know, that just because he is going to work, does not mean he is out of night time duty!

We visit my OB next Thursday for our first appointment with her. Looking forward to it.


  1. oh, you tell him to call me! I will give him a little "heads up"! :)

  2. We need to have a graduation party!!!! One that ends by 8pm ;)

  3. I hate that the blog recognizes me by my "school blog name." Mrs. Gentry sounds funny on YOUR blog!