Monday, May 24, 2010

God turned on the heat

I am not counting the days this time. Actually we are not going to be able to do any treatments for this month because I missed day 3, somewhat on purpose, somewhat not, but either way, day 3 is gone therefore, so is day 28. We are in a holding pattern, a time to regroup, a time to relax, if that is ever possible. A time that I can drink a margarita at girl's night, a beer during the race, a glass of wine with dinner, my life does not revolve around alcohol, however when every month it seems to, it is a nice break to stop wondering. Also no treatments mean a break on the credit card, also a welcomed advantage. As sad as I am that we are not trying this month, I am also relieved and looking forward to a month of 'normal' or as close as I can get to it.

It felt like God turned on the heat yesterday and if I have any say he can turn it off in October, and not a day before. I love summer, I love not having to work all day, I love that my two best friends and sister live in neighborhoods with pools, we can ride the three person tube at the lake, I love that I can make dinner every night, and be at the house when Jon gets home, and I am finally not freezing every second , and that I can actually see the Today show (sometimes still under the covers), and we can ride our bikes, and go to outdoor concerts, and Indian's baseball games, and Bonges. I am so looking forward to the next few weeks.

I also love the extra time I have during the summer months. Extra time to focus on what I want to learn, read, study, not focused on what I need students to learn, read, and study. I think teachers need a break just to help them fill back up on knowledge. We give so much of it away during the school year, and we really don't have the time to learn anything ourselves. Take Bible Study for an example, I love that during the summer I can really concentrate on my Bible Study, I can take the necessary time to read and reread what is being said, that I look up ALL the verses asked rather than just read the next paragraph and get the answers. (Yes, I know you do that too….)

Therefore this weekend I started our new study Crazy Love, it came highly recommended and has not disappointed me yet. Anyways, when I was talking about it to my 8th period Geometry girls, the one said "You have to watch the videos, you just have to!" Therefore today I watched the videos. Oh my gosh, you have to watch the videos! It was nice to just sit and watch the videos, not taking notes, not having my mind wonder, just listening and learning. Learning that my struggle was planned so this summer I will grow. I will no longer be watching the world happen I will be making the world happen, I will be in two very important relationships with both Jon and Jesus.

Come join me. Walk with me this summer as we grow, as we learn, as we struggle, and cry, and laugh, and live. Take a breath, slow down and realize God created us to be in this place today, even if it not where we want to be.


  1. I have heard AWESOME things about Crazy Love!! Good Work, Kelli! Love you.

  2. Kelli,

    I am ready to walk with you this summer!!! There will be tears, there will be sorrow, but knowing us there will be a whole lot of laughter!!!!

  3. That last post was from me!!!!


  4. I am happy to read your blog today....seems much more upbeat and like the Kelli I know. Can't wait to share a drink with you (perhaps) tonight as we have girl time watching The Bachelorette!!!! :) Love you, girl! Holly