Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 26

I am continually encouraged by my Bible Study girls. We are all going though our own shares of prayers and praises and God is working on us in so many different ways, but we are united because we all share a common vision. It is such an instant bond. We define our life in so many words: teacher, tall, blond, age, married, sister, daughter, friend; experiences, travel, Butler, Fort Wayne, Lutheran; yet when I meet someone new, do I use the word Christian? After talking with me for one hour would you know how strong or weak, my faith is? After reading my wall on FaceBook would my words reflect my beliefs?

How can I use these next most difficult days of the cycle to show not only my belief in God, but my trust in God? Yes, I can pray, yes I can hold my breath and hope, and dream, but how will I put my continually doubts back onto God, into His words and His plan. How can I use His patience to get through the next three days because my own is over, finished, I am tired of waiting.

Trust is hard, trust takes faith, trust requires patience. Trust is being refined in the fire, it is believing that the potter is still working on his masterpiece, that the hands are open and lifted. I am trying hard to trust that God is in control. In my heart I know this, in my head I am struggling. He knows the plan, the timing, the moment. God is the only one that knows, and yet I struggle with trusting him?

My challenge, my prayer is that I can grow to trust the Almighty with all my heart, with all my soul, and with all my mind, in ALL my issues.

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