Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 21

Tomorrow is my 31st birthday; however I am trying so hard to live one day at a time and to enjoy each and every day, that I am not going to worry about tomorrow, or the next day or the next year. I am dealing with today and whatever thoughts, feelings, circumstances that come from today.

Well the good news about today is I finished my Bible Study book yesterday. A wonderful group of Christian women and I have been meeting together for about 7 years now for Bible Study. Girls, can you believe it has been 7 years? I still remember the days when we all met, and were Single in the City, and we went to the Rathskeller and Champps after Bible Study on Wednesday nights. And we had so much fun! And we still have so much fun. How much our lives have changed in 7 years….how much they will change in the next 7. Either way, I finished the last lesson in "Fingerprints of God" and I thought how wonderful our God is, and I know he is touching my life, and your life, and it is difficult when he wants to mold us into something other than what we want, knowing full well that what He wants is so much better.

As much as I look forward to discussing the Bible Study lessons each week, because I do get so much more when I discuss them, my very favorite part of getting together is the getting together part. Knowing that I have a set group of girls, women, who I can share anything and everything with. Girls who have known me long before my husband and ones that are just as close. As we have grown up, yes, we are getting older; I realize how important you are to me. How wonderful it is to know that I have a support group, a prayer partner, a friend for life. Seeing how we change, how our relationships change, how our lives change and yet I can call on any of you at any time, any place, any situation.

So girls, all of you, the ones that are currently in Bible Study, the ones that have moved on, and the ones that just started, thank you. Thank you for giving me some of my very best memories, sharing in my joys and challenging my fears, and being the very best friends anyone could hope for. I cannot wait for the next 7, 17, 70 years together. See you on Sunday!

PS: I would highly recommend "Fingerprints of God, recognizing God's touch on your life" as a great Bible Study. It is a lot like a Beth Moore study, but much easier. I have grown greatly through this study.

PSS: If anyone has any suggestions for our next study leave a comment. We are starting a new book in June.

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