Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 22

Today is my 31st birthday. I have been on this earth for 31 years. Wow! It is also my niece's Elaine's 6th birthday, Happy Birthday sweet little Laney. Today and every Thursday I am going to try something new. I am going to make Thursday my "Thankful Thursday". My friend Myah, who also has a blog about her beautiful three children, is an avid reader and commenter on my blog, love you, suggested this as she does it too and it sounds like so much fun. In the book "The Happiness Project" that I just finished the author also tried to keep a gratitude journal, however found it difficult to find something to be thankful for everyday. I kind of agree and would wonder if I would just make up stuff to fill the pages, rather than being truly grateful for these items therefore I will devote one day to writing down all that I am thankful for. Here is my list for today….

1. I am so thankful that I have been on this earth for 31 years and for almost all of those years I have had a relationship with Jesus Christ. Sure, I did not always put Him first, probably will not always put Him first, but I try. There are times like now when I feel super close to Him and days, months, seasons, that I don't. But I am truly thankful that my parents took Julie and I to church as kids, made us go to Sunday School and Youth Group, and that I have a growing and active faith.

2. I am also thankful that tonight all of my fabulous friends in Indy can get together to celebrate my birthday, but more importantly that we all can get together. It seems like such a rare occasion, wedding, birthday, when every one of us is able to be in the same room.

3. I am thankful for my 1st period Algebra II class. They are a great group of students and when I got observed last week, they were perfect. Answering all the questions, participating, taking notes….loved it! So thankful as it is the end of the year and some classes are struggling, which leads me to #4

4. I am thankful that: SCHOOL IS ALMOST DONE! Can I get a YEAH? (word of warning, this one will be on the list for the next two weeks)

5. I am thankful that I started this blog. I have found such an outlet for all that I am feeling, I have received complements, words of encouragement, and acts of kindness through this and I really enjoy it. So thank you to all of my readers.

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  1. Awesome! What a positive entry!!! :) Praying hard for you. You will grow so much during this season. Surrender... I know you have - and are continually trying! I was so excited to check in today. :) Now, I need to do my Thankful Thursday.