Sunday, June 6, 2010

Two different views of God

I always come home from Bible Study inspired. I am so thankful for such wonderful Christian women to share my life with. We are studying the Crazy Love book which is wonderful, and the author stated that all of our "issues" with Christianity come from the fact that we have an incomplete and inaccurate view of God. I don't have the book in front of me, but it was along those lines. So we discussed this.

Jodi had a great perspective and it really helped me to understand. She said that we have two different views of God, the coffee shop God, and the Cathedral God. The coffee shop God is just that, someone you would sit down and have coffee with, someone that is loving and forgiving and you can have a relationship with. The Cathedral God is the one that is Holy, and Almighty, and Reverent, and way up there looking down on you. The problem lies when we let our view of God to become too much in one direction. When we sit down with the coffee shop God we tend to forget that God dislikes sin, and He judges, and holds you accountable for your actions. When we view God from the Cathedral we see God as distant and far away and not with you every moment. I am so sure that I am having coffee with God more often than the other. Is this wrong? No, but I need to realize that God is so much more than just a relationship.

When I think about all that goes into creating a child, I sit back and am amazed that there are any people on the earth. In a "perfect" couple there is only an 18% chance of conceiving each cycle. Most women only create 6-8 mature eggs a year, there are only about 12 good hours a time. The whole process is just amazing. It helps me to see the Cathedral God, the God of creation, the fact that life truly is a miracle. Which makes me ponder what I am doing today with this life while waiting to create a life.

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