Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lazy Days

Today has been a lazy day, it is cloudy outside and I have a bunch of movies to watch, so I am enjoying having nothing to do after summer school. I am not so good at posting right now as my days are just not full of that much excitement. I am also not on a schedule day by day, like I am during the school year. Therefore, I am just not getting writing done as I would like, because I am busy doing other things. I am also not as diligent with my Bible Study again because I am not on a schedule. Maybe it is because I have too much free time. Too much time to just put it off till tomorrow because I know that tomorrow I have time to do it. When I am working and tutoring, I have every hour scheduled therefore I cannot afford to put it off till the next day.

Either way, I need to remember that these lazy days will not last forever, and summer will soon be over, and hopefully I will not have too many more summers with this much free time. So I need to enjoy it. Read books, spend time with friends, and just relax during my lazy day summers.


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  1. I feel the same way!!! I need to clean but keep saying that I can do it tomorrow!!!! Why do we get so lazy as soon as school is over????