Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Started my cycle

It is Tuesday and I have been MIA for a bit. First off I have to confess that I missed my first Proverbs reading yesterday. I had my Bible with me, but literally no time to read it, but I am back on track for today. I am enjoying the everyday challenge and hopefully can keep it up once school starts.

We had our "IVF Start Cycle" Appointment on Monday. This was an ordeal to set up. You are supposed to call the fertility doctor on the day you start your period to set your appointment. Well I am a 28 day girl, if you have not figured that out, and I knew I would start on Saturday, and I was going out of town on Monday, so I could not get into the doctor till Wednesday and Jon was super busy on Wednesday with work and then I was suppose to start my new shots on Thursday and they have to be shipped because Walgreens does not stock these, and I was just getting so worked up about it that I called last Friday and lied and told the nurse I started so I could go in on Monday morning, which worked the best for Jon and I.

I was so nervous, timing is not my thing, especially when all of this falls so close to the first day of school, and the last thing I want is to be on bed rest when I have 180 kids at CHS with a sub. Therefore I took control. So much for all that "infertility is to help show you that you must give up control to God" bit. Anyways, you should have seen me this past weekend, I have never wanted my period to start so badly. It was so funny going to the bathroom and being disappointed that I had not started. Ironic? The good news is that I started like clockwork and we are all set up with IVF and I am calm again.

The appointment went really well my blood work and ultrasound was perfect and my shots are set to come tomorrow and I can start them on Thursday. IVF is a complicated process, basically my body is being controlled by meds and doctors and prayers right now. I have daily appointments with these people so they can adjust the meds and check on my progress. I am so in awe of all of it. That these little shots are controlling my body, but so thankful that all of this is possible.

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