Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Path

Today things are pretty normal. Is that weird to say? We are enjoying our summer, I am enjoying my break. I have done just about everything I can do at the house and next week I am starting in on my classroom. Trying to finish up projects, getting things ready for next year, and just hopefully making the next school year a bit easier but doing some up front work. Everyone thinks teachers get the summer off, but I disagree, when you are a teacher you may get a break from students but you don't get a break from the work.

I had a wonderful chat yesterday with my neighbor. She is a doll, quite literally, beautiful, funny, the all American girl! Smile Amy, I am talking about you! She has a great perspective on life and I really appreciate the friendship we are forming. Anyways, I shared with her this story that I had heard at youth group a few months back, and God keeps putting it in my thoughts, conversations, and the like, so here goes.

In youth group we were talking about the "fairness" of God, or something like that. It was just before prom time and the speaker was talking about a girl who was a non-Christian and how they got everything they wanted. They drove a new car, they had a date to the prom, they got good grades, and why was it that this non-Christian was being blessed when Christian's seem to have their fair share of problems. And what I got from the speaker was, the devil works hard on Christians, we are in a constant battle with him, he does throw problems in our paths so maybe we will turn away from our faith. On the other hand, the devil does not need to work on the non-Christian, he already has them, so he is not going to throw problems at that person because those problems may lead the person to Christ.

I have gone back to that story so many times over the past few weeks. Why am I going though this infertility journey and girls who cannot care for children and do not want them get pregnant? It looks so unfair from my judgment seat. But I do not have ultimate authority, I do not have control over my life, my path, God does. The devil is working on my heart, trying to get me to doubt God's ultimate control over my life. The devil is throwing infertility, struggles, problems, into my path and he is not going to win.

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  1. Wow, Kelli, you amaze me every time I talk to you or read your thoughts. I am so glad God put us in each other's lives, it truly was done on purpose. Always thinkin' of you! :)