Monday, July 5, 2010

The Report

I am trying to be as truthful about this journey as I can, because hopefully someone else who needs the truth, the girlfriend in their kitchen, kind of advice will find it. Because that is what I need. The details on the other stuff, such as the shots….

I wish I could say they are super painful, that I have bruises all over my stomach, that I can hardly stand to jab that thing into my belly, because I am sure I would get tons of sympathy for that, but they are not all that bad. Other than the part when you are looking at the needle and trying to get the courage to stick yourself, I am doing fine. That and the medicine needs to be refrigerated, and I have to now schedule my life around a 5:30 shot time, so if you want to catch me at home, stop by around 5. The one thing that is really killing me is the fact that from Saturday forward no alcohol and caffeine while on the meds.

This is the first of two medicines I have to be on, so I will report back when I start the second and the twice a day shots. Yes, now I have to figure out when to be home twice a day at the same time. But I guess that is part of the fun of infertility. All I know is the second shots are super duper expensive, and I have to take it twice as often. Go figure.

Jon and I had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend, two beautiful days at the lake, friends and all of my family was up and Sunday was topped off with a 4th of July party and fireworks of epic proportions at our friends house in Indianapolis. We had a wonderful time! This morning, Jon and I went out to breakfast because he had the day off as well, and spent the afternoon together. It was a great day.

Checking in…how are you doing on your Proverbs readings. I am still on target….hope you can say the same.


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