Monday, August 30, 2010

Waiting till Thursday

We are waiting till Thursday. This waiting is killing me. This whole infertility process is waiting and more waiting. It really tests your patience. It really tests your prayers. I am so lucky that school has started as I am so busy with teaching, and planning, and tutoring, and all that other stuff that I don't really get much of chance to think about it. When told Jon yesterday that my only free night was Thursday, he said, no, we have to go to the doctor on Thursday. So I guess that was a good sign???

I am also scared that everyone knows that Thursday that I go back to the doctor. What if it is good news? Do I tell everyone? Should I wait? How do I lie to this many people? I have a wonderful support group, I have my faith, I have my husband. I can do this.

Just waiting till Thursday…..


  1. You do whatever you feel is right after Thursday. And hang in there - patience is a pain in the butt isn't it?

  2. Praying hard and anxious too! and I'm not YOU!!