Sunday, August 1, 2010

Princess Day 1

I am pregnant today. Jon and I went this morning where they transferred 2 embryos. We even have pictures of them. Now we are waiting to see if they attach. Today's process was not difficult at all. In fact it is one of the easiest parts of the experience. The waiting is the most difficult part of all of this, but we are so blessed that we have crossed every controllable hurdle with few problems. Throughout these past few days I have been putting my hands on my stomach and praying the Lord's Prayer, know that Thy Will be done, no matter what.

My fertility clinic has been fabulous. There are three doctors at the office and my main guy has been on vacation this week, therefore I have seen the other two this week and was just as impressed by both of them. I have purposely never named any of them in this blog because I don't want someone to judge my clinic on something that has happened to me. You may have a totally different experience, but if you ever need a referral I would be happy to talk to you in private. I have heard both positive and negative things about my doctors and all fertility doctors in Indy but I am happy to say that I have not had any issues.

Today is considered my "Princess Day." Not total bed rest, but take it easy day. No cooking, cleaning, lifting a finger. It is pretty nice and Jon has been wonderful, getting me water, the remote, my cell phone. I get one more of these tomorrow! I also had a nice surprise; Erica and Dave were driving though Indy and stopped by for lunch. Jon went out and got Dom's pizza and we had a great lunch with them. It was a good distraction and a great way to spend a part of the afternoon.

My parents will be down tomorrow when Jon is at work, so I am well taken care of. My dad is going to finish our laundry room as well. Yeah! Our last project done…..Just in time to possibly start another one….

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  1. yay!! I will also be praying that God's will would be done. :) thinking of you!!