Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Three More Days of Freedom

You would think that after having to be home for two days I would have written more. Well nothing exciting really happens when you are home alone….My parents were down on Monday and Tuesday morning which was nice. My dad finished our laundry room, installing a sink and bead board. I love it! We also had a leak under our main bathroom shower, which was dripping water into the garage, it was an easy fix and still covered under warranty but now the clean-up is a bit much. My mom went grocery shopping and all of that stuff and my sister came out and bed rested with me. Jon has been fabulous through all of this as well and is so over protective.

I am three days from going back to school and I have officially done nothing this summer. I looked back at my list of what I wanted to do over the past ten weeks and yes, it was probably a bit much to start with, but I have accomplished about three of the items. Oh well. I was guess they just move to the lets do this during the first semester list….or just eliminate them all together. That is the funny thing about lists, it is great when you get to cross things off, but what if you accomplish a bunch but you never wrote it down. Maybe the most important thing not on the list got accomplished??

So a few more days of sleeping in, a few more days of nothing and then back to work full time. I am looking forward to the schedule, to meeting my students, and going back to school.



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