Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to School

I went back to work today. Bright and early, up at 5, stopped to get gas, workout with Jon and then at 7 went to get my blood drawn and was at school by 7:30. I had completed more by 7:30 than I had all weekend. And I just got home after a whole day of figuring out what is going to happen tomorrow and I am tired! Oh my gosh, I am tried….tomorrow will be worse with 90 students.

I am feeling alright, trying my hardest to not read into every pain in my stomach and just trying to forget that we may or may not be pregnant. God knows, He already knows, I just need to continue to pray for peace with whatever plan he has for us. I know that His plan is much better than mine and today it I need to trust in that. This whole journey is about trust and these past two weeks are the hardest.

Happy New School Year!!

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