Sunday, December 5, 2010


Today Jon and I are taking the day off. Not 100% the day off….is that ever possible? But staying home and enjoying the quietness of the day rather than all that we have had going on these past few weeks. Thanksgiving was a great time spent with all of Jon's brothers and sister in St. Louis. We had a blast seeing and playing with all the kids, catching up with family and enjoying each other. It was a great Thanksgiving and truly a moment to celebrate each other.

Jon and I also went "Black Friday" shopping over there as well. It was the first time we had ever not had a plan and just went to a mall. We did not go out early, and just wondered where it took us and was our best black Friday ever! Jon got some new clothes for his new job, some new shoes as well and we went all out in the Crazy 8's kids store.

I have really refrained from buying kids clothes unless it is really really cute or a really really good deal. Jon not so much. I was shocked!!! One thing that has really helped is that we will need summer clothes and those are just not out right now. Well this store had all their summer 80% off and that is where the madness started. Jon had his arms full of little girl clothes before I could even realize what was going on. For the man that wanted two boys, he is really coming around to the pink side. Regardless we walked out with some great buys for both the boy and the girl and some summer clothes!

Jon also started his new job on the Monday after Thanksgiving and all is going well. I am so thankful that he has a "desk" job and no work to bring home! This opportunity is such a gift from God at just the right time!

Hope all of you are enjoying your Christmas season! We are going to be super busy these next few weekends so I am saying in as much as possible today! Enjoy!

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