Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Jon

Today is Jon's 30th birthday. So in honor of my husband, my best friend, my partner, and most importantly the father of our two growing babies, this post is all about you!

Jon and I met in August of 2005, so for five years I have had the wonderful opportunity to talk, love and share my life with you. We have had some trials, remember all those days and nights that you lived in Orlando before and after we were married? The day you finally moved to Indy after Valpo we had our biggest argument ever and we realized that we were always using movers from then on. When we struggled for over two years to get pregnant and spent many nights in tears. When you were working and working and working at different jobs before you finally got settled and started on your career.

I also hold the best memories of my life with you. The weekend we met at Erica and Dave's wedding and how I still cannot remember that weekend but it must have been fun because you called that next night. My first Thanksgiving with you in Henderson and I cried all the way to KY because I realized that this man will be my husband someday and I am meeting his family. All of our vacations to Orlando, South Carolina, Maui, and the Burbon trail.

But most importantly the fact that we hardly ever spend a night apart, I can lean on you for support, you are so OCD that the laundry and dishes are always done, when you sleep your face gets all scrunchy, and you honor God and our family before anything else, and I am so thankful and blessed.

Jon as you start this 30th year, I am so proud of you. Proud that in one week you will be starting your dream job, proud that in 5 months you will be starting your roll as a father and proud that I get to spend every day with you and watch you grow. You are such a different man that when we met 5 years ago, you are strong and serious, and kind, and supportive. You are my dream and I love you.

Happy Birthday Babe!

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