Friday, October 8, 2010


It has been a busy week. On Tuesday Jon and I went for our official ultrasound. Still two babies, still growing great. They were both at exactly 12 weeks, I think about 3 inches long. Ahh….it is so neat to see them in there and yet weird to know that I am "growing" people. Oh my, I cannot think about that for long. We met with a different doctor in the practice and really liked him as well. He gave us a list of recommended pediatricians, as they want us to have our doctor picked by 20 weeks or so. Those of you that live around north Indy, I may be emailing about referrals.

Some other really great news this week was the scientist/doctor that first "invented" IVF was awarded a Nobel Prize. I think this is really awesome! His discovery allowed Jon and me to be parents of our own biological children. What an amazing gift to give all of us who are struggling with infertility. I was also disappointed to hear that the Pope was not supportive of this award and wonder how the Catholic Church supports infertile couples.

I also told my 5th period class on Monday that I was pregnant. This was kind of out of necessity as I felt terrible on Monday morning and had to leave the room twice. Also all I wanted to do was sit at my desk all day, thus they needed to know. I however have not told any other class and only one has asked if I am pregnant or not. I guess high school kids don't gossip as much as I think they do. I am thrilled because if they don't know, they cannot ask questions.

We are ¼ of the way done with the school year today! YEAH!!! 45 days down and I have been here for everyone of them so far. I really need to keep a watch as I have to be at school for 120 days for the year to count and really do not want to come back in May.

It is going to be a beautiful, beautiful weekend! Enjoy the weather. God is Good.


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